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E. Gary Gygax, Jr.


To fans of Dungeons & Dragons and the medieval fantasy genre, this bounty awaits your discovery!
Wizard’s Ruse is an epic series by newcomer Brian Smallbrook, inspired by the first edition D&D style of gaming. In an intriguing departure from the Vancian system of magic, Smallbrook rejects the supernatural and creatively serves up a fantastical power—sayzr magic—that adds a sense of realism to this work of fiction.
With various factions vying for the use or eradication of all magic, only one school remains to teach the rarest of pupils how to become true seers, called sayzrs.
Anyone who enjoys character growth, detailed interaction, and getting into the mind-set of the players will find this first book a truly satisfying read. The only problem with just such a well-thought-out story is waiting for the next book to reach print! Mr. Smallbrook is a fine addition to the fantasy adventure scene.
- E. Gary Gygax, Jr.


Only a Sayzr can see the real world, and only one school teaches the one true source of magic.

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Ripzeal the “Dark Surfer”                                         Sissishal


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